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        网址:www.weiheshanglv.com  2021-08-07  作者:admin    阅读:

        Retaining wall belongs to building water conservancy construction projects, such as flood control, irrigation, drainage and so on. In order to be firm and prevent the river from breaking out and collapse, the water screw is indispensable for the construction of retaining wall, and it is also a waterproof material. The main river retaining wall must contact the water source.
        使用止水螺杆在墙体里面,必然会阻断保定平面设计培训 保定空调维修 保定管道通风 包装盒定做 化粪池模具 废旧电缆回收 不锈钢铸件 水池的水分进入墙体,从而保障了墙体的防水性。
        The use of water-stop screw in the wall will inevitably block the water from entering the wall, thus ensuring the waterproof of the wall.