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        网址:www.weiheshanglv.com  2022-03-23  作者:admin    阅读:

        新鲜粪便由进粪口进入第一池,池内粪便开始发酵分解、因比重不同粪液可自然分为三层,上层为糊状粪皮,下层为块状或颗状粪渣,中层为比较澄清的粪液。在上层粪皮和下层粪渣中含细菌和寄生虫卵最多,中层含虫卵最少,初步发酵的中层粪液经过粪管溢流至第二池,而将大部分未经充分发酵的粪皮和粪渣阻留在第一池内继续发酵。流入第二他的粪液进一步发酵分解,虫卵继续下沉,病原体逐渐死亡,粪液得到进一步无害化,产生的粪皮和粪 厚度比第一池显著减少。流人第三池的粪液一般已经腐熟,其中病菌和寄生虫卵已基本杀灭。第三池功能主要起储存已基本无害化的粪液作用。
        Fresh feces enter the first pool from the fecal inlet. Feces in the pool begin to ferment and decompose. Due to different specific gravity, fecal liquid can be naturally divided into three layers. The upper layer is pasty fecal skin, the lower layer is massive or granular fecal residue, and the middle layer is relatively clear fecal liquid. The upper fecal skin and lower fecal residue contain the most bacterial and parasitic eggs, and the middle layer contains the least insect eggs. The initially fermented middle fecal liquid overflows to the second tank through the fecal pipe, while most of the fecal skin and fecal residue that have not been fully fermented are prevented from remaining in the first tank for further fermentation. The fecal fluid flowing into the second pool is further fermented and decomposed, the insect eggs continue to sink, the pathogens gradually die, the fecal fluid is further harmless, and the fecal skin and fecal thickness are significantly reduced compared with the first pool. The fecal liquid flowing into the third pool has generally been rotten, in which the bacteria and parasite eggs have been basically killed. The function of the third tank is mainly to store the basically harmless fecal liquid.